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Gods playing in the clouds neigong

País: Portugal / Liderado por Jeanne Houde e Fabien Bastin

  • Começa em: 28 de out.
  • A partir de 10 Euros
  • Centre Algarve CVSP

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Descrição do serviço

We will be offering 2 levels. Prerequisites for level 1: having listened to the zoom and practiced the 6 movements. Prerequisite for level 2: to have participated in last year's workshop or to have followed the entire zoom series. In both cases, you must have successfully integrated level 1. The program for the first level will be like last year's: 1) - Posture and external and internal alignments - Sinking in waiting for posture and movements - Extension of attention and awareness in movement 2) Effect on organs 3) Use of the Kwa 4) C-curve (or spinal column work) 5) Taoist breathing 6) Neutral but active gaze 7) Relaxation of the nervous system 8) Activation of energy channels / Movements from top to bottom and bottom to top / vertical, horizontal and coronal circles The second-level program: 1) Using intention in movement 2) Using Fascias in movement 3) Circulating Wei Chi through the Yin and Yang meridians 4) Learn to dissolve blockages externally 5) Practicing tissue lengthening in movement Until then, we wish you a pleasant end of summer Jeanne and Fabien

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  • ACEVIP tai chi e meditation, Luz, Portugal


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